The matches depicted on the show also have muuuuch more goals


Animal Motif: Wolves are mentioned throughout their discography and are portrayed as both violent beasts and noble creatures. Ah, help.. The matches depicted on the show also have muuuuch more goals than real life’s scores. Fox seems to exist in the BTTF universe (see «Mythology Gag» below).

All There in the Manual: Strypgia provides commentary and insight in the story, and even clarifications about the many shout outs in this thread. The Replica Hermes Handbags Wuzhuang temple has a community of immortals because of a tree that produces life extending fruit and are extremely protective of it.

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The stuff really just gives them Replica Hermes Birkin an excuse Replica Handbags to shed their human disguises so that they can entrap and eat Replica Designer Handbags the new kid. The fact that Sakura was the one who noticed and pointed out their growing relationship actually explains why she became such an Hermes Replica Handbags avid Naruto/Hinata shipper in this movie.