Just being able to react quickly and enter button combinations


Artificial Intelligence. The golden dream of both game designers trying to make the next Killer App, and megalomaniacs attempting to build a viable Robot Army to Take Over the World. It can be anything from an enemy that manages to outwit and outmanuever the player on the player’s own terms and by the player’s own rules, to an NPC ally who manages to assist and even save the player in ways that are unexpectedly helpful and seemingly smart. Just being able to react quickly and enter button combinations flawlessly doesn’t count, computers are naturally good at that; in fact, toning down a computer player’s inhuman speed can be a facet of Artificial Brilliance. makes unbelievably bad decisions that make the player think it’s a complete moron. That doesn’t mean Artificial Brilliance and Artificial Stupidity can’t overlap, however. that is generally impressively smart.

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