All Just a Dream: The film ends with a bandaged Marty waking


My Beloved Smother: Sheila attempts to be this for Tessa (and, when his back gives out, George). Ironically, she doesn’t seem to give a crap about her own daughter. New Age Retro Hippie: Tessa encounters a bunch of them and joins their band. Turns out they’re a violent cult No Pronunciation Guide: Is Dalia’s name pronounced Day lia (in season one), or Dah lia as in «Junior Secretary’s Day» (in which, incidentally, Dalia doesn’t appear) and other season two episodes? One Dialogue, Two Conversations: Tessa, with Josh, the undercover narc investigating steroid use in the school. Tessa infers that the secret he’s keeping is that he’s still in the closet, while Josh think she knows he’s a narc. Josh: Oh my God, you do know. You can’t out me. Nobody’s ever figured it out before.

Replica Valentino Handbags Accidental Murder: Carol hears someone coming around the corner, and lashes out with an axe that she had in hand, accidentally killing Skip. Acid Pool: Shirley’s death. She melts to the bone in a bathtub filled with Hollywood Acid. All Just a Dream: The film ends with a bandaged Marty waking up in a hospital bed, leaving it ambiguous as to whether any of the film really happened. Regardless, Marty kills a nurse, takes her uniform, jabs a doctor in the eye with a syringe, then rips his own scarred face apart. April Fools’ Plot: The events of the film take place on April 1. Ash Face: The electrocuted Stella. Asshole Victim: They all tortured and humiliated Marty so badly that it is hardly a surprise that he decided to respond in kind, especially after the burn of his face. Bandaged Face: The hospitalized Marty. Barrier Busting Blow: Marty punches through a window to get at Carol (but don’t worry. he’s wearing gloves). Bathtub Scene: Though the water turns into acid, killing the bather. Batter Up!: Carol bashes Marty with one a few times, then drops it and runs away, allowing Marty to pick it up. Blatant Lies: Carol: You have done it before, haven’t you? Replica Valentino Handbags

Wholesale Replica Bags Sometimes though, the creators just throw any real or perceived realism and make up a sound for the animal in the name of Rule of Funny. Either they have no idea what sound the animal makes and just come up with something silly, or they intentionally give the animal a different sound that the audience expects for comedic effect as a form of Vocal Dissonance. Occasionally the animals will straight up Pokmon Speak, or let out the Signature Roar of a famous movie monster (as a literal Shout Out). Another possible Shout Out is the animal singing the theme tune of a famous work such as a «Jaws» Attack Parody where the famous «dun DUN» music directly coming from the shark itself. Often, a big sound will come out of a small creature. Sometimes, the justification is that the animal is «speaking a foreign language» Wholesale Replica Bags.